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Awareness in CJM – Customer journey map

Fact | We all know that “the first station” in the customer journey map (CJM) is Awareness. ServiSense calls that “the first touch point”.

In this era of digital platforms, customers have no need to go to the physical store, or showroom to know your brand. It becomes much easier when your brand’s photos pop-up in their Facebook, Instagram or your website every single day. 

Knowing that, lots of businesses have not actually “polish their customer’s experience up” on digital platforms in both visual sense and interactive ability. This might have a huge impact on reaching brand awareness productivity, taking the love of your target customers and building up customers’ loyalty as well.

Therefore, ServiSense will share with you 3 reasons why you should seriously invest in customers’ experience on digital platforms.

1. Making good first impression

Instead of you or your sales team, your digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram, website…) will welcome the visitors, even before you know them. Therefore, bringing a good digital experience is crucial like owning and training a good customer service department. 

2. Building trust

The one that is hard to take back if far-gone. Different from B2C customers, B2B customers are much more prudent when making a decision because they have to put their business’ demand and efficiency first. Hence, they have to take the business that they can put their trust in and cooperate with into consideration. In this case, an excellent website and a professional Facebook’s business page would be efficient tools in building trust processes.

3. Optimizing customers’s experience

For a website – businesses’ own brand channel on a digital platform, it is most important to lead and navigate users to achieve the right purpose of the business. It can be a tool to help convert purchases, convert contacts to use services.

Compared to operating traditional physical channels that are cumbersome and limited during the “visiting” time of the customer, the website will play the role of optimizing the customer’s actions. To that end, optimizing interface construction, UI/UX and supporting features will help users achieve their goals when visiting the website quickly and easily. At the same time, businesses also achieve their goals.

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